Underlying Characteristics Checklists - Early Intervention - Autism Awareness
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Underlying Characteristics Checklist - Early Intervention

Underlying Characteristics Checklists – Early Intervention

Author: Ruth Aspy and Barry Grossman
Publishing Info: 20 Blank Protocols
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The Underlying Characteristics Checklists (UCC) are non-standardized assessment tools intended for use with individuals of all ages who have been diagnosed with ASD or who exhibit behaviors that are often related to ASD and require intervention. The UCC is designed to assist in developing targeted interventions and supports for individuals across the lifespan. The domains assessed include: Social; Restricted Patterns of Behavior, Interests, and Activities; Communication; Sensory Differences; Cognitive Differences; Motor Differences; Emotional Vulnerability; and Medical or Other Biological Factors. The UCC includes the Individual Strengths and Skills Inventory (ISSI), a parallel tool for identifying strengths across the same domains. There are five versions of the UCC for use with individuals cross the lifespan.

This version is intended for individuals from 3 months through 5 years of age.

Also in French.

Package of 20 blank protocols. To be used in conjunction with The Ziggurat Model.

Manual sold separately.


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