Understanding and Addressing Behavior in Individuals with ASD E-Book - Autism Awareness

Understanding and Addressing Behavior in Individuals with ASD E-Book

Author: Maureen Bennie
Publishing Info: E-Book 35 pages / July 2020
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Behavior covers a wide range of issues such as restricted play, stimming, rigidity in thinking, the need for sameness, ignoring requests, and hyper- or hypo-reactivity to sensory input. Challenging behavior can encompass self-injurious behavior, hurting others, aggression, meltdowns, and behaving in socially inappropriate ways.

It is important to understand what is at the root of many troubling behaviors – anxiety. Communication difficulties, inability to self-regulate, sensory overload, and unrealistic expectations/demands can be triggers or causes for difficult behavior. Unchecked anxiety can increase stress levels and greatly affect a person’s well-being.

When thinking about and addressing behavior, it’s important to take a step back and self-reflect. This means examining our role in triggering an incidence and how we interact with that person. This is not easy to do as all of us mean well and want the best for the individuals we are supporting. We have to understand that autistic neurology is different from our own and we can’t expect that their way of thinking will be the same as ours. and possibly through group work.

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