Stuck! Strategies - What to Do When Students Get STUCK

Stuck! Strategies – What to Do When Students Get STUCK

Author: Janice Carroll and Terry Ellis Izraelevitz
Publishing Info: Paperback / April 2015
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Do your students ever get STUCK?  Are you searching for ways to get and keep your students engaged in teaching activities?  STUCK Strategies is a treasure trove of proven methods for supporting students with disabilities such as autism spectrum disorders, communication disorders, developmental delays, Down Syndrome, and inflexible temperament.  The authors’ descriptions of each of 15 strategies include instructions for implementation under the headings:  BASICS, MATERIALS, EXAMPLES OF THE USE OF THIS STRATEGY TO SUPPORT STUDENTS AWAY FROM STUCK BEHAVIOR, and REFERENCES.  In addition, they provide illustrations for easier application in school, home, and community environments.  This book is a must-have for any adult who works with students who get STUCK!


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