Speak, Move, Play and Learn with Children on the Autism Spectrum

Speak, Move, Play and Learn with Children on the Autism Spectrum

Author: Lois Brady, America X Gonzalez, Maciej Zawadzki, and Corinda Presley
Publishing Info: Paperback 176 pages / February 2012
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This practical resource is brimming with ideas and guidance for using simple ideas from speech and language pathology and occupational therapy to boost communication, sensory integration, and coordination skills in children on the autism spectrum. Suitable for use in the classroom, at home, and in community settings, it is packed with easy-to-follow, goal-oriented activities and lesson plans centering around arts and crafts, music-making, cookery, sensory activities, and skills for daily living. The activities all use materials and objects which are readily available in the home or classroom, and can easily be adapted to suit children of different abilities, including those who are non-verbal.

This book is perfect for teachers, speech and language pathologists, and occupational therapists who need fresh and effective activity ideas for the classroom or therapy room, as well as for parents and other caregivers who want to help their child on the autism spectrum to speak, move, play…and learn!


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