The Road to Regulation Poster (Zones of Regulation Series) - Autism Awareness

The Road to Regulation Poster (Zones of Regulation Series)

Publishing Info: Poster / March 2021
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Adapted from the colorful 2-page layout in The Regulation Station storybook, this 24” x 18” poster summarizes lessons taught throughout The Zones of Regulation 2-Storybook Set. The poster is an in-the-moment reminder of the four steps needed to (1) recognize your feelings, (2) identify your Zone, (3) choose a tool, and (4) use the tool to help regulate your feelings experienced across different situations. Use the poster at home, school, or clinic to review information with children while reading the 2-storybook set, support corresponding lessons from The Zones of Regulation curriculum, and when exploring the Tools to Try Cards for Kids card deck to practice over 50 strategies to find the tools that best help them self-regulate at school, at home, or in the community. The poster is not dry-erase and is not intended to be written on.

This full-color poster is perfect for those spontaneous social learning moments, as well as a powerful visual support when using any of The Zones of Regulation products.

Suitable for ages 5 – 11