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Association for Science in Autism Treatment (ASAT)

ASAT is committed to science as the most objective, time-tested and reliable approach to discerning between safe, effective autism treatments, and those that are harmful or ineffective. ASAT supports all scientifically sound research on the prevention, treatment and cure of autism, as well as all treatments for autism that are shown to be effective through solid scientific research, regardless of discipline or domain.

Australian Advisory Board on Autism Spectrum Disorders

The focus of the Advisory Board is working with governments to develop appropriate policies for people who have an autism spectrum condition, their families and carers, disseminating information about ASDs and working with the Australian ASD community to build skills.

Autism Aspergers Friendship Society

The AFS provides respite care in a recreational environment for families with children-teens-adults in the Autism/Aspergers/PDD spectrum in the Calgary area.

Autism Association of Southern Australia

To actively promote the acceptance of people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and to provide services throughout South Australia to enable them and their families to be an integral part of the community.

Autism Association Zagreb

Misija Udruge za autizam – Zagreb je zaštita i promicanje prava i poboljšanje kvalitete života osoba s autizmom na području Grada Zagreba i Zagrebačke županije, kroz pružanje izvaninstitucionalnih usluga socijalne skrbi, s naglaskom na organizirano stanovanje uz podršku za odrasle osobe u lokalnoj zajednici.

Autism Atlantic Consulting Services

Offers professional development and private consulting services to families, agencies, businesses and school districts both locally and internationally. A Nova Scotia registered company.

Autism Awareness, Care, Training – AACT (Ghana)

AACT is a local support and education centre for children with autism that was founded in 1998 by Mrs. Serwah Quaynor, a mother of a child with autism. Since creating the Centre, Mrs. Quaynor has worked tirelessly to help parents of children with autism in Ghana to understand better the disability and to feel that there is a safe place to go for support and help.

Autism Calgary Association

Provides support to families of persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders, resource for interested professionals, educators and care givers, provides single voice for families of persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders, creates general awareness and provide education.

Autism Digest

The Autism Digest, founded by Future Horizons, Inc. was created to meet the needs of teachers, therapists, and family members who face the challenge of autism. The magazine is geared to bring you the most current information possible to assist in that challenge.

It is their strong belief that every autistic child and adult can improve and contribute to the lives of those who love them and, in many ways, contribute to society.

Autism Early Childhood Therapy Program

The program is for preschool children who have a diagnosis of autism or pervasive developmental disorder. Enrollment is limited. Children living within the boundaries of the Saskatoon Health Region and the five school division partners are eligible.

Autism Europe

An international association whose main objective is to advance the rights of persons with autism and their families and to help them improve their quality of life.

Autism Friendly

Website of author Alex Durig. In any formal social organization, what is good for people with autism, is actually functional for the entire organization; therefore, every social organization becomes stronger when it becomes Autism-Friendly.

Autism Funding In BC

This site is all about money and administration – the financial side of things and how to run an effective ABA therapy team in BC.

Autism Genetic Resource Exchange

The goal of AGRE is to facilitate more rapid progress in the identification of the genetic underpinnings of autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders by promoting sharing and collaboration. This substantial collection of over 500 multiplex and simplex families has clearly moved the field in that direction.