A Smart Girl's Guide: Digital World - Autism Awareness
A Smart Girl's Guide: Digital World

A Smart Girl’s Guide: Digital World

Author: Carrie Anton
Publishing Info: Paperback 64 pages / August 2017
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Digital devices put a whole world at a girl’s fingertips. Play a game, listen to music, do research for school, read a story, or make a video—anywhere, anytime. Connect with friends and family in fast and easy ways. Post photos and share ideas and inspiration. And that’s only a small part of it. Just like the real world, the digital world is full of exciting, helpful, and even life-changing possibilities. And just as in the real world, she needs to know how to navigate it wisely and keep herself safe. With everything from quizzes that test safety smarts to advice on how to deal with cyberbullying, this book will get her started.

Suitable for ages 8+


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