Quick-Guides to Inclusion: Ideas for Educating Students with Disabilities, Second Edition

Quick-Guides to Inclusion: Ideas for Educating Students with Disabilities, Second Edition

Author: Edited by Michael F. Giangreco, Ph.D., & Mary Beth Doyle, Ph.D.
Publishing Info: Paperback 344 pages / 2007

Now for the first time ever, the bestselling, teacher-trusted Quick-Guides to Inclusion are available in a single updated and revised volume—complete with 7 all-new Quick-Guides on today’s hottest inclusion topics. A must for busy K–12 teachers who need fast, friendly, and practical guidance on including students with disabilities in general education classrooms, this photocopiable sourcebook gives educators

  • Fully revised, updated contents of all 3 popular Quick-Guide volumes. Past contributors—every one a respected inclusion expert—returned to refresh these Quick-Guides with their latest knowledge and experience. Teachers will have up-to-date snapshots of a wide array of essential inclusion topics, such as literacy, partnerships with parents, positive behavior support, and curriculum adaptations. Each of the 23 Quick-Guides includes easy-to-follow ideas, examples, and tips teachers can put to use immediately in any classroom and on any budget.
  • Seven brand-new Quick-Guides on critical topics. Educators will get more than 80 pages of brand-new content on
    • teaching writing
    • teaching math
    • addressing cross-cultural issues
    • using universal design for learning
    • listening to students’ perspectives
    • conducting community-based instruction
    • using simple technology to encourage participation

With this convenient, user-friendly guidebook, educators will have a single resource they can turn to again and again for quick, real-world advice on all the key inclusion topics. Every teacher in an inclusive classroom should have a copy on the bookshelf!


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