From Text Maps to Memory Caps - Autism Awareness
From Text Maps to Memory Caps

From Text Maps to Memory Caps

Author: Paula Kluth Ph.D., Sheila Danaher M.S.Ed.
Publishing Info: Paperback 254 pages / 2014
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Differentiated instruction is simple and fun with this treasure trove of ready-to-use adaptations for grades K-12. All teachers-especially fans of Kluth & Danaher’s From Tutor Scripts to Talking Stickswill love the 100 creative NEW ideas in this illustrated guide, perfect for meeting the learning needs of all students in inclusive classrooms. An effective, time-saving way to boost student skills in key areas such as literacy, math, organization, communication, and behavior, these research-based adaptations will strengthen and energize any curriculum.


  • Teacher-designed and student-tested, so they’re sure to engage students and help them learn
  • Easy to use-each adaptation comes with a handy materials list, clear directions, vendors and websites, and examples.
  • Cost-effective, using inexpensive materials and resources many teachers already have
  • Great for all students in K-12 classrooms, whether they’re English-language learners, students with identified disabilities, or just need extra support or reminders
  • Fully illustrated with colorful photos that show the strategies at work

Help all students learn with adaptations like:

  • Talk-o-Meters
  • Student-Friendly Storage
  • Brain Break Buckets
  • Book Trailers
  • Word Clouds
  • DIY Magnetic Poetry
  • Dialogue Journals
  • Quick Quip Key Chains
  • Communication Kits
  • Goal Setting Cards
  • Purposeful Puzzles
  • Social Skills Slam Books
  • Observation Bottles
  • Stick Puppets
  • Story Stones
  • Poetry Dice
  • Graph Guides
  • Recycled Keyboards
  • Customized Bingo Boards
  • Comic Strip Check-Ins
  • and 80 more!


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