The Zones Pathway Poster (Dry Erase) - Autism Awareness

The Zones Pathway Poster (Dry Erase)

Author: Leah Kuypers
Publishing Info: 24" width x 18" height / June 2024
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The Zones of Regulation Pathway is a refined Zones of Regulation core concept and Signature Practice, used after learners are familiar with the Zones and have established their toolboxes. The Zones Pathway poster provides learners with scaffolding to apply their understanding of the four Zones and their related tools in real-time situations by walking through a process to notice the situation, identify feelings, and to make healthy decisions about managing them. The Zones of Regulation Pathway includes 5 concrete steps that learners and their co-regulators can follow: 1) Notice 2) Check-In 3) Decide 4) Regulate 5) Reflect.

This 24” x 18” Zones Pathway poster is a visual support tool for use in school, home, or the clinic. It’s a companion product to the Zones of Regulation Digital Curriculum and aligns with the lessons in Concept 10.

The design and concepts in this poster align with the latest evolution of the Zones of Regulation theory and framework as presented in the new book, Getting Into The Zones of Regulation™: The Complete Framework and Digital Curriculum Companion and taught in the new Digital Curriculum.