Zones Check-In Poster (Dry-Erase) - Autism Awareness

Zones Check-In Poster (Dry-Erase)

Author: Leah Kuypers
Publishing Info: 24" width x 18" height / June 2024
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The new Zones Check-In dry erase poster supports a core concept and Signature Practice that helps develop the self-awareness that is foundational for regulation. A Zones Check-In starts with mindfully pausing to check-in with our body signals, emotions, and Zones. These three areas are represented as a segment of the three-sided Zones Check-In graphic, and all segments includes a space for learners to write in responses. (Use dry-erase markers only.) A reference key for common body signals, emotions, and the four Zones is included at the bottom of the poster for additional accessibility. Using this simple process helps learners integrate the brain and body before responding to the situation at hand.

This 24” x 18” Zones Check-In dry-erase poster is perfect for use in school, home, or the clinic.

The design and concepts in this poster align with the latest evolution of the Zones of Regulation theory and framework as presented in the new book, Getting Into The Zones of Regulation™: The Complete Framework and Digital Curriculum Companion and taught in the new Digital Curriculum.