You Are a Social Detective! Teaching Curriculum and Support Guide - Autism Awareness

You Are a Social Detective! Teaching Curriculum and Support Guide

Author: Pamela Crooke, Michelle Garcia Winner, and Kari Zweber Palmer
Publishing Info: Paperback 64 pages / September 2022
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Bring Social Emotional Learning into the classroom with the You are a Social Detective! Teaching Curriculum & Support Guide! The aim of this visually rich, easy-to-use curriculum is to teach social learners the power of observation, reading context, and interpreting clues to give them power and choice in how they respond within specific situations in ways that meet their social goals.

The curriculum includes 10 fun lessons that breakdown several important concepts that help build social awareness and understanding. Students will learn how to closely observe situations going on around them, use their eyes, ears, brain, and heart to collect clues, and then interpret those clues to make smart guesses about the people and social situations they experience.

Each lesson includes:

• The Big Picture
• Objectives
• Vocabulary
• Discussion ideas
• Activity and/or Extension ideas to take the lessons further

Appendices include Thinksheets, templates, and writing prompts for each of the lessons, as well as additional information on expanding and/or modifying lessons for specialists and other types of professionals working with children in and out of the classroom.

Also included: Supplemental Visual Teaching Tools available online for curriculum purchasers. Each lesson has a short teaching PowerPoint to make your lessons come alive with visuals from the storybook and Turn & Talk activities. Also available are downloadable and printable Thinksheets from the curriculum. These online tools can be used to support large group, small group, or tele-education—and perfect for use on SMART Board, Google Classroom, or any other digital platform.

The You Are a Social Detective storybook is the first book in the Superflex series.


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