The Interoception Curriculum Bundle (Curriculum Book and Cards) - Autism Awareness
The Interoception Curriculum Bundle (Curriculum Book and Cards)

The Interoception Curriculum Bundle (Curriculum Book and Cards)

Author: Kelly Mahler
Publishing Info: Paperback Book and 170 Cards / 2018
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The Interoception Curriculum: A Step-by-Step Guide to Developing Mindful Self-Regulation

Includes exclusive access to 635 pages of downloadable instructional materials.

Interoception is the ability to notice and connect bodily sensations with emotions. Research states that interoception is an important factor to the development of effective self-regulation skills.

Many people who experience challenges with self-regulation have underlying interoception challenges. These interoceptive differences are very common in a variety of individuals including those with autism, trauma disorders, sensory processing disorder, anxiety, depression and behavioral challenges. Some clients may experience interoceptive signals that are so strong, they are immediately overwhelmed and confused. Others experience dulled or muted interoception signals, that leave them unable to respond to emotions until they reach a fever pitch.

While traditional self-regulation approaches focus on teaching clients what to do to regulate feelings of anxiety, frustration, overwhelm, etc., these approaches are often ineffective for people with impaired interoception. How can you be taught to regulate or control something you are not aware of or do not understand?

The good news is that interoceptive awareness can be improved over time, with the right instruction and supports. In The Interoception Curriculum, Kelly Mahler outlines a systematic, guided process that professionals can use to develop and build interoceptive awareness in their clients using evidenced-based principals.

It is strongly recommended that any instructor who wants to use the Interoception Curriculum should study the concepts presented in Interoception: The Eighth Sensory System, first, in order to gain a strong understanding of what research tells us about this sense.

Bonus Material:
When you purchase The Interoception Curriculum, you will also receive exclusive access to 635 pages of downloadable instructional materials, worksheets and visual supports. Many of these materials can be customized to meet the needs of each individual learner.

The Interoception Activity Cards

-170 full-color cards
-Each card features a specific, interoception-building activity
-Activity cards are designed to enhance the concepts in The Interoception Curriculum
-Card activities can be completed in less than 60 seconds
-Activities require no special materials, tools, or equipment
-Great to reinforce interoceptive awareness on the go


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