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Life After Lockdown – Resetting Perceptions of Autism

Author: Edited by Rebecca Silva, Ruth Prystash, René DeLoss and Carol Burmeister
Publishing Info: Paperback 328 pages / September 2021
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In this one-of-a-kind collaboration with over 40 well-known professionals and individuals with ASD, this book has wisdom, humor, and a hefty dose of reality for autistic and non-autistic readers.

A moment-in-time book whose relevance will last. Discover strategies for thriving as society reopens after the pandemic while exploring the reflections of autistic individuals who are living through its aftermath.

Perfect for anyone on the autism spectrum—and those who support them—Life After Lockdown: Resetting Perceptions of Autism offers practical and thought-provoking plans for rebuilding social connections, returning to school, handling stress, and navigating a post-COVID world.

This book empowers individuals, families, and educators by providing proven strategies coupled with reflections on how society might connect and collaborate to best support autistic individuals across the lifespan.

Life After Lockdown offers answers and hope for individuals, families, and educators. Voices of more than 40 authors, including individuals with ASD, family members, and professionals, provide invaluable strategies and insightful stories. With chapters that both inform and inspire, Life After Lockdown provides practical advice but also addresses the deeper issues of respect, dignity, and the importance of providing everyone with the opportunity to build a meaningful life.

Five sections include:

Becoming Social Again—Coping with the anxiety of reentering the social world while rebuilding valued social connections.
Back to School—Adjusting to the new health and safety requirements while rebuilding skills that may have diminished during a year of online school.
Adults in Transition—Unique perspectives from autistic adults, plus suggestions from professionals on how to navigate employment, higher education, and mental health issues.
Into the Community—The challenges of returning to both essential and pleasurable activities while coping with an unpredictable post-pandemic world.
Reboot—A deeper look through stories and reflections at how life after lockdown for people on the spectrum could be a moment of profound change.

Life After Lockdown:  is a book that can provide valuable help and inspire change by both empowering and inspiring us all to move forward.


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