The ASD and Me Picture Book

The ASD and Me Picture Book

Author: Joel Shaul
Publishing Info: Hardcover 96 pages / 2017
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Children with ASDs often find it difficult to identify the things they find difficult and, more importantly, to recognize the things they are good at. This colorful book provides simple self-exploration tools to help children identify their strengths and begin to tackle the things they find harder.

The book explores a range of common difficulties, including communication, emotional and sensory regulation, and executive functioning, encouraging children to explore their personal challenges and abilities in an engaging and positive way. Illustrated with hundreds of cartoon-style graphics and containing a wealth of fun tools, games, activities and photocopiable worksheets, this book is ideal for children with ASDs aged 7-14, and will be equally useful at home or in the classroom.


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    In this updated edition, new pages include additional pages directed towards older readers. For example, teens exploring how their identity relates to their diagnosis may be interested in the pages titled: The Wording for Me and Autism: “Identity First” and “Person First” (p. 20, 21). Pages 28-29 offer additional resources to the parent or professional regarding this language. Pages regarding the importance and meaning of stimming are new, along with pages regarding Self-Injurious Behavior, tics, emotional pain, empathy, and many, many more. In the section regarding Friends, Catherine includes what she’s learned from adults and teens regarding the importance of internet friendships as a vital and sustaining force in many otherwise isolated lives. She’s also added new information regarding the dangers that may be associated with meeting people online, and practical tips regarding protecting one’s personal safety.

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