We Thinkers Volume 1 - Social Explorers - Autism Awareness

We Thinkers Volume 1 – Social Explorers

Author: Ryan Hendrix, Kari Palmer, Nancy Tarshis and Michelle Garcia Winner
Publishing Info: Curriculum, Story Books / March 2013
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Due to the mass confusion caused by use of the word “flexible” in the names of many of our products, The Incredible Flexible You series name has changed to We Thinkers! Volume 1, formerly known as The Incredible Flexible You, has been renamed to We Thinkers! Volume 1 Social Explorers. There will be no content change in Volume 1, only a name change.

This series introduces Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking model to children ages 4-7. The series consists of 10 storybooks plus related curriculum, released in two volumes (5 storybooks + curriculum in each volume).

There has been some changes to this package since July 2019. The music CD is no longer included but the music activities are still included in the curriculum. The music album can be purchased on the following digital music platforms – Tom Chapin’s CDBaby and Amazon.

As of August 2019, the USB materials will be included in the book.

Volume 1 Curriculum Package

  • One paperback curriculum (208 pages)
  • Five paperback, full-color storybooks (28-32 pages each)

Please note – this no longer comes in a tote bag.