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19 Toys & Apps that can help develop Language and Social Skills in Children with Autism

Whether you are a parent of a child with autism or a person who wants to find something appropriate to give as a Christmas gift to someone on the spectrum, finding the right toy can be challenging. Toys and apps can be provide educational opportunities as well as enjoyment. Educational Technology Consultant Penina Rybak says, ‘I usually recommend that parents and teachers/therapists have an honest conversation via phone, Email, written note, or in person, re: which gifts can be the most meaningful and thus have the greatest impact at this time, for this particular child. My two decades “in the trenches” have taught me the importance of team collaboration that can help plan and execute an effective and enjoyable “teachable moment”.’

With the myriad of products available and the media one has to wade through, how do you choose the best gift? Read Penina Rybak’s top 19 toys and apps recommendations to help make this holiday gift-giving a success.

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  1. Penina Rybak says:

    Thanks so much Maureen for sharing my post from The Friendship Circle Blog! It’s SO important that parents/professionals share information which is why I have a *FREE* PDF page on my website with LOTS of goodies 🙂

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