Planning Your Career Through Intense Interests - Autism Awareness

Planning Your Career Through Intense Interests

Author: Yenn Purkis, Barb Cook
Publishing Info: Paperback 176 pages / June 2023
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Planning a career around your special or intense interests is possible and, in fact, easier than you might think! If you’re wondering how you can turn your love of animals, intense fascination of transportation or passion for information technology (and much more!) into a fulfilling career, that you will never get bored of, you’ve come to the right place!

Yenn Purkis and Barb Cook are leading autistic advocates, employees and business owners and are using their first-hand knowledge and the power of special interests to help you plan your future in this book. By straying from the conventional paths and thinking differently, Yenn and Barb could help take your passion for outer space and help transform you into a budding astronomer or even aerospace engineer!

Full of helpful advice and activities, including goal and vision setting, identifying your skills and personality attributes, looking at what makes a positive workplace, common attributes of autistic employees and business owners and challenging assumptions to name just a few, this book will help you to find work that you truly enjoy and thrive in the workplace.