Superflex Takes on Brain Eater 2nd. Edition - Autism Awareness

Superflex Takes on Brain Eater 2nd. Edition

Author: Stephanie Madrigal and Michelle Garcia Winner
Publishing Info: Paperback 68 pages / April 2024
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Superflex Takes on Brain Eater and the Team of UnthinkaBots, 2nd edition introduces readers to the UnthinkaBot Brain Eater who uses attention-grabbing powers (DistractoBots) to distract Social Town citizens’ brains from focusing. Brain Eater can pull our attention away from what we are supposed to be doing, what others are talking about, or using our brains to focus on things at school or home. In this storybook, Aiden is a boy who sees his classmates having trouble focusing on getting ready for school and listening to learn in class. Aiden transforms himself into Superflex Aiden and joins readers on a journey to the Superflex Academy where they learn how to create and use Focus Tron powers and tools like the Distracter Shield and fidgets.

This storybook is part of the Social Detective & Superflex Series, which is designed to help children learn about their own and others’ thoughts and behaviors and practice strategies for self-awareness and self-regulation across a variety of situations. As kids learn strategies to manage their UnthinkaBots, they strengthen their flexible thinking and are better able to self-regulate in challenging times.

What’s new in this edition?

  • UnthinkaBots have replaced the Unthinkables, the imaginary characters that represent the thinking and behaviors that get in the way of managing our self-awareness and self-regulation.
  • Updated UnthinkaBot characters, imagery, and language
  • Expanded presence of Superflex Aiden’s self-regulation ally, the Thinkable, Focus Tron
  • UnthinkaBot & Thinkable character comparison key that helps readers understand the Thinkables’ powers and strategies that help manage their counterpart UnthinkaBots


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