Superflexes and the Thinkables Poster - Autism Awareness

Superflexes and the Thinkables Poster

Author: Michelle Garcia Winner
Publishing Info: Poster 18" width x 24" length / 2024
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Thinkables® are showing up all around Social Town now that children are learning problem-solving and flexible-thinking strategies! Use this colorful, engaging poster to empower kids to talk about the proactive powers and strategies of the 14 core Thinkables! The whimsical imaginary characters on this poster represent flexible thinking, problem solving, and other practical strategies for managing the UnthinkaBots®. For example, Worry WiseWorm is a character that gives strategies for taking on worry (or Worry Wall). T-Flex is a T-Rex that provides kids tools for flexing their thinking and doing and helps to manage Rock Brain. The poster shows a diverse set of Superflex superheroes, the 14 original Thinkables, and their powers. Pair it with our UnthinkaBots poster to teach that the powers of the UnthinkaBots can be managed by Thinkable strategies.

If you are new to the Superflex® series or Thinkables, please check out any of the Superflex books or games and then hang this laminated poster (18” x 24”) to spark imagination and encourage discussions about the 14 most common Thinkables. Motivate kids to develop their self-awareness, self-regulation, and flexible-thinking strategies with this fun visual teaching tool!

Suitable for ages 8 – 13.