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Too Many Meds: Medications Are Overprescribed To Those With Disabilities

Many of us have had uncomfortable moments when a person with autism “acts out” or does something inappropriate. Sometimes these behaviours can be aggressive and downright scary for a parent or caregiver. While it might be easier to imagine that prescribing a drug could minimize these events or make them stop altogether, new research out of the UK suggests that many people with intellectual disabilities are overprescribed medications in an effort to treat problem behaviours such as aggression and self-injury, despite there being little evidence of any benefit from these medications.

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What in the World is Going On in Autism – January 2015 Edition

As we kick off the New Year, what will be the focus or trends in autism for 2015? Social media and the web will continue to offer people on the spectrum platforms for expressing their views. Two new studies published in September explored the link between autism and aggression. Regular exercise is essential to good health and can help a person with autism self-regulate and manage stress.Teaching safety skills could save a child’s life; however, these are complex skills that require a specific type teaching for people with autism. Why it’s important to give our children on the spectrum ample opportunities to try new things and have different experiences.

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