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Four Tips to Get the Most Out of Pokemon Go for Your Child with Autism

As you all know by now, Pokemon Go has become this summer’s sensation. Not only is the game making headlines as being beneficial play for those with autism, but the game’s creator has autism himself. Fifty year old Satoshi Tajiri (from Japan) almost didn’t’ graduate from high school because of his obsession with bugs and video games…an obsession that later turned into…

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What in the World Is Going On – December 2011 Edition

I recently became a guest blogger on the Autism Calgary website. I will be writing a monthly blog called What in the World is Going On? which will feature the latest news in the field of autism. I will share my first post here with our Autism Awareness Centre readers.

National Autism Strategies play a big role in both Europe and the UK as a way of providing a framework for effective autism treatment, support and services. National standards raise the level of services, service delivery, best practice standards, and quality of care for people with ASD.

On November 2, 2011, Scotland announced its Autism Strategy. In addition to £10 million funding to help and support people with autism and their families, announced earlier this year, the Strategy for Autism commits to a further £3.4 million investment. It is estimated that 50,000 people in Scotland are affected by autism.

England passed their Adult Autism Strategy back in March 2010. The Strategy made recommendations for central Government as well as for local authorities, the National Health Service and Jobcentre Plus, focusing on five key areas. To read more about the Strategy, click here.

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Tech Savvy – Using Technology to Enhance Skills

In today’s world, technology is all around us. We use computers, iPhones, iPads, video camcorders, digital cameras and DVD players. Using technology with the autism spectrum disorder population can be beneficial. These items offer a visual way to organize information and offer quick accessibility. Programs are predictable; the repetitive way in which we use tech devices creates comfort and independence as familiarity grows. The user can work at a suitable pace. Many programs reinforce or encourage with positive comments such as “good job” or “well done” accompanied by a pleasing sound or visual which motivates.

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