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Researchers Call for Open Access to Autism Diagnostic Tools

Epidemiological studies of autism prevalence does not happen often in low to middle income countries; nor is much known about how autism symptoms vary from culture to culture. A major barrier to diagnosis in countries outside of North America and Europe is the cost of assessments. “There are glaring disparities globally, and even within the U.S., in terms of where…

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An Autism Epidemic: What a Wonderful Thing

“Worldwide Autism Epidemic!” screams the headline. I wish it were true. If we were in the midst of an epidemic of autism, then something, or someone, would be to blame, and with a bit of sleuthing we could eliminate the problem, and prevent even more children from suffering. And, if the epidemic were man-made, we could punish the guilty. Alas, there is precious little scientific evidence to support the notion of an autism epidemic.

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