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What in the World Is Going On in Autism – December 2014 Edition

This month in our blog: parents of children with autism often worry about a younger sibling being affected as well. Baudouin Forgeot d’Arc published an excellent study on why people with autism have difficulty judging facial expressions. Police find it challenging to interact, interview and question witnesses and suspects with autism. For children with Autism, sitting on Santa’s knee is not always an option. Mental health issues in adults with ASD is still a neglected area of support and intervention. Not all children can sit at a desk in school; therefore, classrooms should offer alternative seating options.

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What in the World is Going On – January 2014 Edition

As we begin the year 2014, it seems appropriate to reflect back on this past year to see what we’ve accomplished. By looking back and reflecting on process and results, we can set new goals and aspirations for 2014. If you’re interested in research, Autism Speaks listed their Top 10 Advances in Autism Research for 2013. Top 10 Apps for Special Needs for 2013. The benefits of probiotics. Women on the autism spectrum are being under diagnosed. Fear in autism is exhibited in unexpected ways. Sexual health and sexuality can be difficult subjects for parents and caregivers to broach with autistic children, made more challenging when children are at the severe end of the autism spectrum.

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What in the World is Going On – September 2013 Edition

September is back to school month and educational issues are uppermost in many people’s minds. I came across a good article on effective IEP meetings on a site dedicated to ADHD. The article gives tips on how to prepare for an IEP meeting, what to do during it, and how to follow up afterwards. Since student accommodations are critical to…

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What in the World is Going On January 2013 Edition

The big news this past month was the finalizing of the DSM-V which will be published May 2013. There was much discussion around the possibility of Asperger Syndrome no longer being classified as a separate diagnosis. Asperger Syndrome will now be a part of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a new term added to the manual. ASD is a term already used by many experts in the field. The new category will include individuals with severe autism, who often don’t talk or interact, as well as those with milder forms. Catherine Lord, an autism expert at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York who was on the psychiatric group’s autism task force, said anyone who met criteria for Asperger’s in the old manual would be included in the new diagnosis.

The changes to the manual are important for the insurance industry in deciding what treatment to pay for, and for schools to decide how and what to fund for special education. Experts have weighed in on the new changes to the DSM-V. The changes to the DSM-V will continue to be a hot topic once published because assessments and the diagnostic process may change according to the new ASD classification.

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