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Playing Outdoors: Building Skills, Exploring and Creating Memories for Autistic Children

When you think of your fondest childhood memories, they are probably about something you did outdoors. Maybe it was camping, going to the beach, playing in a tent or sandbox, having a game of flashlight tag, learning badminton, or swimming in a lake. Playing outdoors builds physical health, provides exposure to vitamin D, supports cognitive and emotional/social development, improves sensory…

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How Does Your Garden Grow? Mental Health, Wellness & Skills Development Through Gardening

During this period of at-home learning, starting a garden is a great long-term project that has numerous benefits. Lessons can be taught through online learning and videos. Gardening can also be an activity that unites a group of people through a common purpose. For example, when this period of isolation is over and school resumes this fall, the things that…

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What in the World is Going On – February 2014 Edition

This month’s blog post includes: new report from the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary addresses the costs for caring for an adult with autism. Although individuals with ASD tend to have a good memory for details, most will struggle to remember the details of events in their own lives. Getting involved with animals and plant life seems to have a positive effect for those on the spectrum. Feeding issues can present significant challenges for those on the spectrum. Challenges can range from a limited diet, overeating or not eating, oral motor difficulties, sensory issues around food such as texture, and digestive issues. Hand flapping has been a puzzling behaviour for neurotypicals to understand. Autism can cause an associate catatonia in teens. Excellent new book published about mental health issues and autism.

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