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Toy Treasures: Making Toys and Games from Recycled Items

We had a new speaker present for us in Vancouver, BC this past weekend – occupational therapist Barbara Sher. She has written a number of great books about play and how to makes games and toys out of recycled materials. The conference delegates were asked to pick and choose items from a list to bring to the workshop. Most of us could find all of these items around home – newspapers, magazines, masking tape, string, old scarves, egg cartons, boxes, socks, beans, wool, buttons, cans, water bottles, rope etc. We then got into groups, put our heads together, and made toys and played games with these items.

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What in the World Is Going On in Autism – February 2015

This month in our blog: new study shows night time use of tech devices can cause sleep disturbances. Largest autism study using whole genome sequencing discovered no two persons with autism are the same even if they are siblings with the same diagnosis. Peniatricians may miss signs of autism because check-ups are too brief.Facebook can have a positive impact for parents of special needs children.

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