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What in the World is Going On in Autism – April 2014 Edition

The month of April is an important one for autism because of World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd. In this month’s blog: Jeff Moco from Chatham, ON wrote a thoughtful editorial piece about World Autism Awareness Day. He highlighted the waiting lists for services, frustration with government policies, never-ending appointments, and the bureaucracy parents face trying to get basic supports for their child. What parents of autistic children will never tell you. Resources for doing your taxes and disability benefits you might qualify for. The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) recently released the new statistic for autism rates. Hair and nail care can be challenging for those on the spectrum.

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How and when do you tell a child about their ASD diagnosis?

Answer: There are a number of frequently asked questions around when you should tell a child about their ASD diagnosis. How do you tell a child about their diagnosis of ASD? Is there a right age? How do you know when the child is ready to hear the information?

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How Do I Choose the Best Treatment/Therapy for My Child?

Answer: There is a dizzying array of information about autism and what treatments/therapies work best. You’ll get advice from parents who’ll tell you how well something worked for their child. Medical professionals will have an opinion. Internet research, forums, and articles may also influence your decision.

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Taking Time For Yourself

Setting aside time just for yourself is not something any mother does readily. We know we’re supposed to look after ourselves but that usually comes after childcare, a job outside of the home, housecleaning, grocery shopping, meal preparation and running errands.

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“Autistic Diet” getting a closer look

Wheat-, dairy-free plan proving successful for some
When he was 3 years old, Matthew Sebastian was diagnosed with autism. Four years later, he began having seizures, which are much more common in autistic children than in the broader population.

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