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What in the World Is Going On June 2013 Edition

Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 16th. Dads are not always recognized for all that they do for their children with ASD. The Father’s Autism Network group, hosted by Autism Calgary Association, recognizes the need for fathers to have a place where they can talk about their feelings and challenges they face having a child on the spectrum. The support…

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Fleas and Autism

If the largest percentage of cases of autism occur in those with compounding co-morbid (co-occurring) conditions, then the idea of ‘pure’ autism is actually referring to a rarity… Most people are aware of the co-occurrence of treatable gut and immune issues co-occurring in a fairly large part of the autistic population (see Shattock, Waring, Gupta). It ain’t rocket science to understand the effect of chronic digestive system and immune system disorders on impairing the efficient supply of nutrients to the brain.

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