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What is the whole-school saturation model and how can it improve outcomes for autistic students in inclusive settings?

One of the most important, challenging and controversial aspects of autism education is improving experiences and outcomes of autistic learners.  This process is far from straightforward. Autistic students share as many differences as they do similarities and to expect a single approach or intervention to meet the needs of all is naïve. What is the whole-school saturation model? The whole-school saturation…

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School’s Back In – Supporting Autistic Students in the Classroom

The school setting is often a difficult environment for autistic individuals. Classroom expectations, sensory and regulation challenges, a prescribed day, and learning differences can make a person feel overwhelmed and stressed. Creating a predictable day, incorporating interests into the curriculum, and teaching to a person’s strengths are just a few things to keep in mind when working with autistic students.…

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