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Introduction to the Low Arousal Approach Online Training

Low Arousal Approach training, developed over 30 years ago in the UK, has been offered in Canada through Autism Awareness Centre Inc./Studio 3 Canada for 6 years. This training is for professionals, support workers and EAs, carers and family members.

The Low Arousal Approach emphasizes a range of behaviour management strategies that focus on the reduction of stress, fear and frustration. These strategies are put in place in order to prevent aggression and avoid creating crisis situations. The low arousal approach seeks to understand the role of the ‘situation’ on behaviour by identifying triggers and using low intensity solutions to avoid punitive consequences for individuals with additional needs.

​The Low Arousal Approach has been proven to enable practitioners to defuse crisis situations within a variety of settings through early identification and intervention.

This introductory course focuses primarily on practical, non-confrontational approaches to supporting individuals who experience significant stress and present behaviours that may be difficult to manage.  Training has encouraged support providers to focus on the person rather than the behaviour and trying to understand the underlying causes of the behaviour, rather than viewing it as a problem that needs to be solved.

Course participants are also introduced to a range of proactive and reactive strategies as well as being given opportunities to reflect on their own behaviour and how this may impact the behaviour of others.  Time is also devoted to the development of effective coping strategies that can help support providers manage their own stress and anxieties around the individuals and behaviours they work with.

This introductory online course is 6 hours in length, offered in 2 – 3 hour sessions online. Sessions are designed for 12 – 15 participants. If your group is smaller, just let us know and we can have you join with another group. The cost is $125 per person.

This online training is available in either English or French.

Please contact Maureen Bennie for further information at or toll free at 1-866-724-2224.

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