Superflex Super Sticker Collection: Thinkables & Unthinkables - Autism Awareness

Superflex Super Sticker Collection: Thinkables & Unthinkables

Author: Michelle Garcia Winner and Pamela Crooke
Publishing Info: Over 500 stickers on 16 sticker sheets / 8" x10" sheets / June 2020
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Use these colorful Superflex stickers at home, at school, or on the go! These stickers are to be used in association with lessons from Superflex… A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum.

Superflex and the Team of Thinkables are within each of us and give us powers to figure out how to adapt our behavior based on what’s going on in different situations. Use Thinkable Stickers to:

-Encourage a social learner to call on the powers of their Superflex
-Each Thinkable adds to one’s overall Superflexible thinking providing extra “power”
-Acknowledge success when a social learner uses the powers of a specific Thinkable or their own personal Superflex, in general.

The Unthinkables provide specific powers to try and defeat a person’s Superflex along with the powers of various Thinkables. Use Unthinkables stickers to:

-Build social self-awareness by encouraging a social learner to keep an eye out for a specific or team of Unthinkables that is trying to invade the child’s brain.
-Encourage social leaders to use specific strategies to minimize the powers of an Unthinkables. For example, they can put stickers on a defeat sheet to show they are working hard to defeat a specific Unthinkable or Team of Unthinkables.

-Avoid accidentally reinforcing a child by giving them a sticker representing an Unthinkable when they are struggling to produce desired behaviors.

Avoid using the Unthinkable stickers to punish a social learner when their brain is invaded by an Unthinkable!

Suitable for ages 8 – 10

Product Information:

The Sticker Collection includes 500+ stickers
• There are 16 sheets in total:
o 8 sheets of Thinkable Stickers
o 8 sheets of Unthinkable stickers
• Each sticker sheet includes 32 circular
stickers, measuring 1.25 inches in

• The 32 Stickers on each sheet are made up of:
o 2 stickers per character x 15 Characters =
30 stickers
o 2 Superflex is ME stickers
• Character sticker design features small image of
the character, plus their names included above
• Superflex is ME sticker design varies on each style of

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the adult need any prior knowledge about Superflex to work with the Superflex Super Sticker Collection?

Yes, ideally the facilitator, child, or sticker enthusiast have a basic understanding of what Superflex, the Unthinkables, and Thinkables all represent. The Unthinkable characters and concepts are in Superflex… A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum. Some of the Thinkables are introduced in Social Town as well as in the two storybooks on Thinkables, Superflex and Kool Q. Cumber to the Rescue! and Superflex and Focus Tron to the Rescue!, and most are shown on the Superflex posters.

Actual Sticker Size – 1.25 inches


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