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Adults With Autism: Lack Of Resources and Misdiagnosis

Many of us fear what will happen to our children with autism as we both age, particularly those of us with children who will require life-long care. Aging in autism however, is a much understudied phenomenon. While there are many resources available to help parents of young children with autism, very little is discussed or available for those over forty. So…

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Are Current Self-Advocacy Skills Only For The Middle Class?

I am an avid reader of Judy Endow’s blog because she highlights issues that many of us are not even aware of. Her recent post about the differences in self-advocacy if you are poor or middle income was eye-opening.

Judy has been both poor and middle income as an autistic adult and has observed that “self-advocacy is typically geared toward middle-income status. This could be problematic since many autistic adults live in poverty.”

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The Relief of a Late Autism Diagnosis

Receiving a late diagnosis of autism in adulthood can be a relief. For high-functioning individuals, it’s not uncommon to receive a diagnosis later in life.Once a diagnosis happens, it can open many doors such as finding suitable employment, obtaining a higher education, securing a supported living situation outside the parental home, or accessing financial assistance and services.

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Preparing for Adult Life with Autism

Most parents don’t like to think about what adult life will look like for their child with autism. It’s too daunting and overwhelming, but long-term planning is essential for the best possible outcome. Once a child leaves school, you have to find other programs and supports in the community to ensure a meaningful day and that takes time. Waiting lists can long or few spaces available in good programs.

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